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NBC – lasted one season in 2001. The only similarities this time are the name and that teams are in New York (left) and L.A. Brasil home 20/21 Neymar jr home jersey One of the greatest all time football teams in history with five world cups under the belt with Neymar Jr by there side. “I thought it wasn’t going to work out, so I went home to South Carolina (her hometown of Chapin). Duncan’s monster 40-point game went in vain as Bryant added 28 points of his own to lead Los Angeles to an 88-81 victory and a 2-0 lead in the series. His nephew Johnny Esposito was the last person to see him alive, according to the leaked report, before doctors with an appointment to see him went to his estate on Wednesday and found him unresponsive. An autopsy report leaked to Argentine media said Maradona died in his sleep after suffering heart failure, only two weeks after leaving hospital following the brain surgery. Maradona died of a heart attack aged 60 on Wednesday just two weeks after being discharged from hospital for a bleed on his brain. One Maradona fan who saw the picture wrote: ‘I want this fat baldie who took a picture of himself by Diego’s body dead.

At the Argentinian embassy in London, fans left flowers and pictures of Maradona while a banner outside said ‘Thank you, Diego’ with a picture of him lifting the World Cup. Funeral parlour worker Diego Molina (left) has received death threats from football fans after posing for a picture next to the open coffin of Diego Maradona. Diego Molina is the swine that took the picture of himself alongside Maradona. The Argentinian Pope Francis also paid tribute to a man he had met several times at the Vatican, while official Vatican media described Maradona as ‘football’s poet’. He made Argentina be recognized all over the world, who speaks of Maradona also speaks of Argentina,’ de Lima said. It comes after passions boiled over outside the palace when a mile-long column of fans arrived to pay their respects to the Argentinian hero but were blocked off by riot police. The body of the Argentine icon was taken away for burial, frustrating many who were waiting to pay their respects and causing new tensions at the gates of the cemetery. It was draped with the Argentine flag. Molina was one of the men tasked with preparing Maradona’s body ahead of the private open-coffin wake for family and friends earlier today.

Diego Molina has received death threats and been fired by the funeral parlour which was hired to prepare Maradona’s corpse to lie in state. The crowd overwhelmed organisers and the violence resulted in injuries and arrests, which led Maradona’s family to end the public visitation. The 1986 World Cup winner was taken to the Bella Vista cemetery on the outskirts of the capital – where his parents are buried – for a private ceremony attended by family and close friends. Then came former teammates of the 1986 World Cup-winning squad, including Oscar Ruggeri. In addition to providing uniforms for established nations such as South Sudan and Sierra Leone, the company produces jerseys for Western Sahara, a disputed state on the continent’s northwest coast frequently known as “Africa’s last colony.” Morocco claims control of the territory, a former Spanish possession, but independence fighters reject that authority and demand the country be known as the independent Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Western Sydney Wanderers are celebrating their 10th season in the A-League with several special uniform elements. McCaskill had an impressive first appearance for Sydney FC, setting up a 13th-minute goal in her team’s season-opening 3-0 win last week over crosstown rival Western Sydney.

But amidst the grief, there has been fury at a funeral worker who desecrated Maradona’s body by posing for a photograph with a hand over the sporting great’s face while giving a thumbs up to the camera. The lines started forming outside the Casa Rosada only hours after Maradona’s death was confirmed and grew to several blocks. Early in the morning some fans grew impatient as police tried to maintain order, and began throwing bottles and pieces of metal fencing at officers outside the presidential offices in the heart of Buenos Aires. Diego is not dead, Diego lives in the people,’ people chanted as the coffin was taken to a cemetery outside Buenos Aires. Fans wept and blew kisses as they passed the wooden coffin, some striking their chests with closed fists and shouting, ‘Let’s go, Diego. Where fans (and bettors and fantasy players – yes, the XFL is likely to have those, too) might be most intrigued is after touchdowns are scored. But with the time for viewing the coffin at the presidential palace drawing short, police moved to cut off the back end of the crowd, enraging fans who hurled rocks and other objects at officers, who responded with rubber bullets.

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